Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Modular Home

The total price of a traditional home is higher than that of a manufactured home and as it gets older, it increases in value. With older modular homes, it can be a little difficult to add value to it. However, your modular home, like traditional homes, can retain much value and also increase in value. For this, you just have to start doing things to keep it valuable from the early.

Different ways to retain or increase the value of your manufactured home include:

  • Maintaining it’s overall appearance and functionality
  • Making inexpensive upgrades throughout the years
  • Ensure the structure of the home stays strong

Maintain Your Modular Home, Retain It’s Value

The overall quality of a home is a big factor that appraisers and real estate agents take into account when valuating properties. Therefore, it is important to keep the modular home looking as close to new as possible. Simply put, if something breaks, fix it. Purchase or replace parts of your modular home that have become damaged including skirting outside, patios and awnings. Consistent maintenance is the best way to keep or add value to your modular home, rather than putting off repairs for next month or next year. Giving your modular home a nice new coat of paint can help boost it’s value as well.

Upgrade Inside Your Modular Home, Increase It’s Value

Value-adding upgrades do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. Two areas that can affect your homes value include the bathroom and kitchen. Therefore, making upgrades to these areas can help increase your manufactured home’s value. It’s as simple as replacing outdated sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators or toilet. An upgrade that can help with maintaining the overall appearance of your home and is not too expensive is replacing carpeted areas with linoleum tiles. Carpets can get soiled easily and are hard to clean. Linoleum tiles, however, are easy to clean, maintain, install and replace.

Modular Home Structure Influences It’s Value

Beyond what the eye can see, it is also vital that the overall structure and foundation of your manufactured home is sturdy. If your modular home is not safe to live in, its value will definitely decrease. Avoid this by giving your modular home a permanent and secure structure.

Contact Green Village Green Homes To Retain The Value Of Your Modular Home

Putting the above suggestions into play throughout the years can make selling your modular home easier in the future and even profitable. Brooks Village Green Homes offers great consultants for new home builders to work with and offers great services and products at an affordable costs for any upgrades or repairs. Contact us to learn more about what you can do to retain and even increase your modular home’s value today!