Tornado Shelters & Safe Rooms In Your Home

Brooks Village Green Homes provides manufactured and modular homes in Johnston City, Marion and other Southern Illinois areas including Effingham, Harrisburg and Mt. Vernon. We not only offer custom built homes, but also services including new home floor plans and provide financing for customizing homes, modular homes and more. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our expert team will work with you to construct your dream home whether you want an energy efficient modular home or you want to add an in a ground shelter or safe room.

Custom Manufactured & Modular Homes

Due to the stringent building codes and factory plant inspection, most experts agree that todays manufactured and modular homes are just as safe as stick built homes. But, no home can withstand a direct hit by a very powerful tornado. A large tornado can suck all the contents out of a basement. A basement is not a storm shelter. Most storm shelters are outside, requiring the family to go outside into the wind and rain to enter the storm shelter, rendering a safe room useless if you have to go outside to enter it. So the only safe place is an in a ground storm shelter.

Many new subdivisions in Tornado prone areas of the country have built in storm shelters and safe rooms. Here at Brooks Village Green Homes, to protect you and your family, we now offer an in home, in ground safe room and storm shelter. With our patent pending, our SafTHome option gives you a safe room and storm shelter that is built directly into your home for an affordable cost. You would no longer need to go outside into the terrifying tornado storm, but pass safely through the floor entry way built directly inside your home.

You can see our display in one of our model homes.

Contact Brooks Village Green Homes

If you are in a tornado prone area, contact us at 618-627-7095 and we will help customize your home or mobile home with our new in home, in ground storm shelter and safe room. We are also happy to answer any questions or concerns over the phone as well. We look forward to speaking with you about customizing your home into your dream home.