Three Reasons Why WINTER Is The Best Time To Build Your New Home!

At Brooks Village Green Homes we are committed to finding the right manufactured home for you and your family. It is our goal to make sure to give every potential home -owner the tools they need in order to find the perfect home for them. This is why we wanted to inform all of you why NOW is the best time to build your new home!

Very Low Interest Rates

According to we are living in a time of historically low mortgage interest rates. Banks and other financial institutions agree that now is the time to strike when looking to buy a home as far as low interest rates are concerned.

Less Construction Delay

During the winter months that we experience here in Johnston City, Effingham, Harrisburg, Marion and Mt. Vernon the ground becomes firm. You may be wondering that this has to do with purchasing a manufactured or modular home. The firm ground reduces delays in constructions when creating your new home, which means you and your family will be cozy in your new home in no time!

Winter Discounts On The SafTHome ® option

For those that may not be familiar with the SafTHome ® option it is the in home in ground safe room and storm shelter. Now is the best time to buy your newly built home with the only home in ground safe room and storm shelter. This is available for HUD Manufactured and Modular Homes!

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