Spring Into Your Modular Home

Spring is upon us so lets welcome this lovely season with wide-open modular doors. The springtime season has a lot of great festive themes to consider when decorating your modular home at this time. The sun is shining, trees changing colors and flowers are blooming beautifully. Brooks Village Green Homes are decoration ready for all seasons. Learn more below about ways you can decorate your custom built modular home to be full of spring!

Springtime Colors

Of course the spring season gives us wonderful natural colors all around us. Take this inspiration and use some of those colors for the inside of your modular home. Give your home a fresh look with these revitalizing colors below.

Blue: Using lighter shades of blue will brighten any room in your home. Using a pastel shade, baby blue or even a royal blue will make everyone feel calm, and refreshed. Stray away from darker shades of blue like navy blue or sapphire blue. Blue can be used in any room but is typically in the bedrooms to provide a soothing and serene atmosphere.

Purple: A lavender color or a softer shade of purple will increase energy levels in your room and gives an easy-to-look at appeal for you and your guest’s eyes. Stick with softer shades of purple, as the bolder and darker ones can appear fake and less natural for springtime. It would be best to use this in any room except the bedroom where you might want a calmer color.

Yellow: Brighten up ANY room with any shade of yellow. Springtime yellow being a softer hue will always bring smiles to you and your guest’s faces. Using neon yellow or darker yellow shades will not give off the same atmosphere. Representing happiness and positivity, this color is typically used in the bathroom and kitchen.

Red and Orange: These are great colors to make a statement in any room. Light shades of red and orange are perfect for small accents in any room. Make your rooms pop with a red vase or orange candle. Use most shades of these colors for vibrancy and steer clear of the neon and darker less bright shades.

Springtime Accessories

Now that you have learned which colors to use in your home, here are some accessories and additions for your home. Match these accessories and the springtime friendly colors from above for the perfect spring filled modular house.

For The Floor: Rugs are great easy additions to any room. Pull out your colorful rugs or invest in new ones to brighten up any room. Use those bright springtime colors or choose floral patterns as they already have those popular springtime colors that will instantly brighten up your rooms and compliment your walls. Don’t forget about your porch. Replace that rug or mat to match nature’s colors.

What To Put On The Walls: Wreaths are a great way to add color to your walls. You can even make one yourself and decide which colors you want. Add or replace art and photographs that seem more suited for the wintertime with springtime or even summer friendly colors. If you are hanging frames in your home, consider using silver or gold colored framed to add brightness.

Fabulous Furniture: You can brighten up your rooms by adding to your furniture. Add colorful throws and blankets on your couches, chairs, and ottomans. Use springtime colors for tablecloths and table runners. Bring out or invest in bright dishware and glassware to instantly get into the springtime mood. Utilize Mother Nature and add fresh flowers in a vase or fresh fruit for a healthy and bright display on any side table.

Contact Green Village Green Homes & Enjoy Your New (spring) Home

It is our privilege to provide you with a custom designed home that you can make your own for every season of the year. We hope that these spring filled tips will help you have fun decorating and enjoy your home with your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or contact us here. We are proud to serve Johnston City, and the southern Illinois areas.