What To Remember & Avoid When Designing A New Modular Home

Being able to design your new modular home is exciting! You have the ability to pick and choose exactly what will go into your new modular home and have say in the lay out. Continue reading to learn more about what to remember and what to avoid when designing a your modular home.

Know The Difference Between A Mobile Home & A Modular Home

It is important to remember and know what the difference between a modular home and a mobile home is during the design stage. A mobile home is a large house trailer that is built in a factory and transported to one place where it is parked and used as a permanent living space. A modular home is a permanent living space whose parts are created in an indoor factory as well. However, the difference is that, a modular home is not mobile and can designed to be more than one story tall.

Choose A Quality Modular Home Factory

When choosing a modular home factory to create the parts your new home, it is important not to pick one solely on price. If you go with cheap products, you will get what you pay for. Pay a little more to get something that will last a little longer and add more value to your modular home. Factories are not all the same. Take your time to pick and choose a quality modular home factory. Read reviews and do your research on different factories. Remember! This is going to be your new home!

Once you choose a factory, make sure to give them enough time to do their job and do it well.

Do Not Act As Your Own General Contractor

You may think that designing a modular home is easier than designing a traditional home, but they have similarities and can also be quite time consuming. There is much work that goes into designing a modular home. There are different standards and codes for each particular type of home. You cannot just simply draw out a plan and begin construction. There are modular home building standards and codes that need to be considered during the design phase. It is best to work with someone that has working knowledge of these parameters.

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