Pet Proof Your Modular Home

If you have a fury friend already or are thinking about adding to your family, this is the blog for you. Having a dog or cat around the house is great however there are some important precautions to consider. Here are some tips on how to keep each room in your home safe for your pets and to help prevent damage of furniture and decorations in your modular home.


  • Place food where they cannot eat it or knock it down
  • Remember to keep knives and other sharp objects out of reach
  • Watch for small kitchen items like twist ties or rubber bands
  • Position herb plants or any other plants on a high table or shelf to prevent eating and or knocking over
  • Keep trash cans covered

Living Room

  • Secure wires from lamps, televisions, game systems etc. out of reach
  • If you have children, separate their toys from the pets toys or put them away
  • Keep small knock able items off of table tops until your kitten learns not to knock them off
  • Place houseplants where your kitten cannot reach it to knock it over, some may be harmful. Consider hanging plants that they cannot reach
  • Check small nooks and corners for strings or any other harmful objects


  • Place your laundry in a secure part of the room
  • Keep your shoes out of reach until your kitten and puppy learns not to chew on them
  • Make sure all medication, lotions, cosmetics or other harmful and potentially messy items are out of reach
  • Make sure your kitten is not in your dresser or closet before you close it
  • Keep all electronic wires secured in a way your pet cannot damage them or hurt themselves

Bathroom & Laundry Room

  • Keep the toilet lid closed
  • Make sure your kitten isn’t taking a nap in the dryer before running it
  • Use latches on doors if you find your pet constantly opening them
  • Secure medication, and other harmful substances like laundry detergent and cleaners on a high shelf
  • Safely secure electrical wires and mechanisms so your pet doesn’t run into trouble


  • Keep all chemicals out of reach on high shelves or in a closet
  • Make sure the floor is clean from any harmful chemicals
  • Secure all sharp object and dangerous machinery such as a lawn mower, trimmers, or weed whacker out of reach.

Best Car For Your Pet

The best way to keep your fury friend out of trouble in your modular home is to provide the necessary care for them. Cat posts for scratching, dog and cat beds, treats, and lots of toys for your pets will be the most effective and fun way for them to enjoy your home with you.

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