Manufactured vs. Modular Homes

At Brooks Village Green Homes, we have been the leading provider for manufactured and modular homes in Southern Illinois for over a decade. Whether you are in the market for a new home or want to customize your home to better fit your needs and lifestyle, we will walk you through the process step by step. We have helped many in the Effingham, Johnston City, Marion, Harrisburg and Mt. Vernon areas obtain their dream home. Not sure what the difference between manufactured and modular homes are? Continue reading to learn.

Manufactured Homes
Johnston City, IL

Manufactured homes are built to the HUD Code and keep steel beams under the home. A HUD Code home has a standard 3/12 pitch roof but can be made with 5/12 or even 7/12 roofs which can also be purchased with ½’’ drywall. The HUD Code is the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards for all states. A State Code Mod, which is typically a state specific building code, normally have standard ½’’ drywalls and, in most cases, have a standard 5/12 pitch roof.

Modular Homes
Marion, IL

A State Code Modular Home is built to the State Building Code, which is normally a version of the International Residential Code. This code covers both State Code Modular Homes as well as site built homes. Most State Code Modular homes are built with 2×6 sidewalls as opposed to site built which are have 2×4 sidewalls. Also, State Code Modular Homes usually have more insulation. State Code Modular homes are transported on a carrier and steel beams are removed before the home is set on the foundation. Mods are supported on a foundation perimeter wall just like site built homes.

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There are additional differences between HUD and MOD, but we hope you found the information above was helpful. To learn more visit our Home Center we have a large display of both.

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