Making Your Modular Home More Energy Efficient

At Brooks Village Green Homes, we value energy efficiency both for its positive impact on the environment and for the cost savings that come with it. That’s part of the beauty of prefabricated homes – because they’re made indoors, they aren’t subject to weather delays, which can cause significant energy and monetary losses. However, once you’re modular home is already built, there’s still much more that can be done to increase its energy efficiency. Here are some quick, simple tips to maximize energy efficiency and monthly energy savings.

Windows: Windows are one of the simplest and most effective ways to save energy. Installing interior storm windows and plastic window coverings can significantly reduce heat losses and act as a big boost to insulation, helping to save money on a monthly heating or cooling bill.

 Doors: Another quick fix, adding caulking or weather-stripping exterior doors can help to keep temperatures constant and save on energy bills.

Roofs: Heat rises, so upgrading your roof can be one of the best ways to save energy. If your modular home doesn’t have one yet, consider getting a sloped roof to allow for more insulation. If your roof is already sloped, make sure you’re using the maximum amount of insulation possible. In addition, a reflective cool roof coating can be applied to your roof to produce an immediate increase in energy efficiency. 

Lighting: Finally, one of the quickest ways to save energy is to do away with incandescent light bulbs in favor of long-lasting, low-electricity compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). These can be found at just about any hardware store and are a breeze to install!

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Don’t forget to check this blog periodically for more information on modular homes, and if you have more questions about how to make your prefabricated home more efficient, we’re here to help – feel free to reach out to us at our contact page. If you’re thinking about owning your own modular home, we have new home plans designed with energy efficiency in mind – or we can even work with you to design a custom home that’ll save you energy like no other! With our affordable financing options, we make it easy to own a custom-build, modular home.