Light Up Your Modular Life

Lighting has a big impact on the looks of your room. Things may appear different in various lighting, colors may seem to look different, or the room may simply look dull. Changing the way you light your rooms could make all of the difference. Below we have highlighted some of our interior and exterior lighting that may help brighten your modular home the way you want it to.

Featured Light: Domed Ceiling Fixture

The domed ceiling fixture is a great way to add style to your ceiling. It is easy to install and clean. If you prefer softer lighting in your rooms, this is the right choice for you. This compact shape does not reflect shadows or dark areas in your rooms. If you choose this lighting, it will also help decrease glare and will provide a feeling of natural light.

Featured Light: Ceiling Fan With Light Kit

We are proud to offer our ceiling fan with light kit for optimal use. This kit comes with 3 speeds for the fan and a silicon steel motor. It is perfect for any room to provide a nice flow of air and great lighting. Choose this product for a classic looking ceiling fixture and a lifetime warranty.

Featured Light: Metal Outside Light

Our metal outside light is perfect for your backyard deck. You will need plenty of light for dinner under the stars or for your dog to see when they are outside in the dark. This provides great outside lighting and has a sleek look with a black finish.

Featured Light: Brushed Nickel Porch Light

This versatile fixture is a great lighting addition to your porch. It is brushed nickel with glass and give a sophisticated look to any porch. Shining bright and looking great, you will not be disappointed by the product.

Create The Best Lighting For You!

Browse the rest of our selections and see which ones are best for your customized modular home. Brooks Village Green Homes is here to help you with your lighting. Feel free to contact us anything for questions or concerns. Enjoy lighting your home!