Five Easy Steps To Building A Beautiful Garden

Summer is here, and that means loads of sunshine perfect for any garden aficionado! If you have been thinking about building a garden of your own, or just want some tips on how to freshen up an already existing one, your local Johnston City manufactured and modular home provider wants you to know how to beautify your yard and add a stylish backdrop to your next party or barbeque.

Tips & Tricks

The simplest concepts and practices can be the difference between an average, run-of-the-mill garden and one that is visually stunning and stands out. Here are five easy steps to building the garden of your dreams:

  1. This may seem obvious, but adding flowers and flowering plants spruces up any garden and adds in vivid colors that will provide contrast and variety. You can mix and match different color schemes to pick the one that fits the style you are going for! Flowering plants will also attract beneficial insects that will help pollinate more flowers and keep your garden’s ecosystem healthy and balanced.
  2. Grouping plants that have similar features or colors can have a major impact on your garden’s look. Themes help separate the space into different segments, and surrounding one color with another generates a framing effect that combines style with harmony.
  3. Regular maintenance is a must to keeping your backyard beautiful. Weeds are a factor in any garden, and should be removed to keep your space aesthetically pleasing and eliminate competition with your garden’s desired plants. A handy tip is using a nutrient-rich mulch to deter weeds from setting down their roots.
  4. Picking a specific feature or features for your garden will help draw the eye and highlight the object within the scene as a whole. These can include art, large or unique plants, fountains or statues, or outdoor furniture. Anything that gives the landscape personality and style can help create a beautiful, picturesque environment.
  5. It is important to avoid clutter as much as possible, even if you are growing a lot of plants. Overcrowding makes maneuvering through the garden difficult, and can also affect how much water and nutrients each plant has access to. Some ways to solve spatial issues is to utilize vertical areas like baskets, walls, or railings and grow in various rooms throughout the house.

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