5 Modular Myths BUSTED!

Rumors, gossip, and myths spread like wildfire and leave a lasting impression until proven false. Believe it or not modular homes has been the talk of the town and Brooks Village Green Homes is here to officially bust 5 common myths about manufactured homes in Marion & Johnston City, IL.

  1. Modular Homes Are Difficult To Finance

This myth is always present when considering modular homes. Yes, it is an investment when choosing this route however it is still a house and takes as much maintenance as a traditionally built house. In fact, the money spent on construction can be less than for a modular home versus a traditionally built home making mortgage payment plans start off on the right track.

  1. Modular Homes Depreciate In Value

In the city of Marion, IL, or any other city in the world that have these pre-owned homes, can compare the homing value equally to a traditional home. Another huge myth is that they will depreciate and lose value. They actually appreciate the same way a stick built house does and the same factors are accounted for in that decision.

  1. Modular Homes Are More Prone To Fire!

It is popular to believe that if you live in a modular home you will be screaming FIRE! more often than you want. We are proud to bust this myth because the safety of our customers is our #1 priority and we wouldn’t sell you anything that we didn’t think was safe for you and your family. A modular home is no more prone to a fire than a traditionally built home. These homes are designed to take on these types of accidents and dangers with the proper materials.

  1. Modular Homes Can’t Stand A Storm

If you think that your modular home is going to be the first one sucked up in a tornado or not survive a huge gust of wind, you must already be in the land of OZ. Let’s bring you back to reality and tell you that the materials of your custom built homes whether in Kansas or Marion, IL, have been created to withstand Wind Zones II and III. That means it can handle up to a 110 miles-per-hour wind, and most traditional homes cannot.

  1. Modular Homes Look The Same

People who gossip about the look of modular homes are just uninformed. That’s okay, we would love to be the one to inform them about the truth. Yes, there are homes that look similar however the benefit of Brooks Village Green Homes is that everything can be customized to look exactly how you want it to look. Think twice before you gossip about the look of someone’s home, they could have been the one who designed it!

Let The Fun Begin!

Now that we have debunked the most common myths attached to modular home life, you can get started with your custom homes in Marion & Johnston City, IL. Give us a call at 618.627.7095 and anyone at Brooks Village Green Homes can help you. If you are short on time right now fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you soon!