5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Custom Built Home For Winter

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and for Johnston City and Marion, IL, that means drastically dropping temperatures and shorter days as well. These lower temperatures can lead to a variety of problems for your modular home and your heating bill if you aren’t properly prepared. Before you decide to curl up and relax by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, Brooks Village Green Homes is happy to provide a few tips and tricks you can do to prepare your modular home for winter, without breaking your bank account!

Check Roof Integrity

Normal wear on a roof can cause loose or missing shingles. In the drier seasons, this may be unnoticeable, but as heavier rains and melting snow begin, this roof damage may cause leakage into your home. If you find any damage to your modular homes roof, Brooks Village Green Homes we recommend hiring a handyman to repair minor damage, and a certified roofer to repair larger sections. Taking care to treat damage before leakage occurs will ensure your custom home does not suffer water damage that can be very expensive to repair.

Clean Your Gutters

While you are on the roof of your modular home checking for damage, be sure to also check to see if your gutters are full. If they are full of leaves and other things, clean them out to avoid water backing up against the house. Water backup can cause damage to the roofing, wood trim, siding, and can cause leaks.

Reverse The Ceiling Fan

If your ceiling fan has a reverse option that allows the fan blades to run in the opposite direction you can use this setting to improve heat circulation throughout the room it is located. Hot air rises, so even if you have the heat in your modular home running, you may not feel the warm air because it is above your head. By reversing your ceiling fan, you can create an updraft, circulating the cold air below with the warm air above. Instead of turning your heat up to a higher setting, use this trick to save you money during the colder months!

Tune Up Your Heating System

With Johnston City and Marion, IL winters plunging below freezing temperatures, you are going to want to make sure that your modular homes heating system is working at its highest efficiency. Having a technician inspect
your furnace or heat pump will ensure it is clean and working efficiently. They can also check for harmful carbon monoxide leakage, in case your heating system is overworking. You don’t want to be one of the hundreds of people airing for repairs when the coldest days of the year hit, so schedule your inspection now.

Seal Around Windows and Doors

If there are gaps between siding and window or doorframes are bigger than the width of a quarter, caulk needs to be reapplied to ensure no heat leakage. You can easily do this yourself at home with any Silicone based caulk bought at a home improvement or hardware store. Applying this caulk will eliminate heat leaking out of your home, lowering your energy bill. You can also apply weather-stripping around doors to seal in heat even further.

Build Your Own Custom Home Today!

We hope these winter tips and tricks can help you save money and be safe this winter. If you are in the Johnston City, Marion, or general southern IL area and would like to learn more about Brooks Village Green Homes custom built modular homes, please contact us today at 618-627-7095. We offer both new and pre-owned modular homes, so there is sure to be an option that is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!